About Us

C.O.R.E. Founder Gord Perry is also the President and CEO of GNP Reptile Rescue, a local rescue in operation since January 2002 and Co-Owner of House of Scales Inc in Peterborough. Small town show, big town feel. The atmosphere is always friendly and a great assortment of wares and reptiles for you to see and purchase.

The Expo was brought into being as an alternative income source for the Rescue and to help local smaller breeders that may never get the chance to vend at larger Expos. Our vision has stayed strong and true and we do our best to better the expo year in and year out.

Ours shows are sponsored by Rosemere Reptiles and House of Scales. As always in support of GNP Reptile Rescue

Vendors can email us or contact through Facebook for spaces and sponsorship opportunities.